After years of being quiet, not speaking to anyone about my life in the past I had had, I finally decided too. It was in  2006 when I decided to take action by making charges I was also pregnant at the time of my lovely daughter, who was born in the middle of the court case. I remember that I was really scared when I was in court especially having to face him and see people defend him after all he had done to me. All the people would defend him and contradict what me and my sisters had said. They all said that they had options if they wanted to do something or not and that the people chose to see him as prophet. During this case I also got to face Allen who dramatisized his story so much. He made it seem as he was the victim and that I was the one to provoke him. In the end though justice was made and both of them were took to jail, Warren for accoplice of 2 rapes and Allen for raping me but Allen only stayed there for a short time and also having to pay a fine of around $5,000 dollars but Warren got years in
prison, to this day he is still there.
Lamont (husband)
12/12/2012 01:15:39 am

Don't worry Lesie together as a family we will help you forget. Don't ever forget I love you and I will always support you.

Tammy Judy
12/24/2012 01:51:37 am

I have just read your book. You are such an amazing person you have over come so much! Thanks for telling your story! As a victim of child sex abuse I have also chosen not to let my past dictate my future. I want to be a voice and have recently received my psychology degree. I have also fostered nine children eight of which victims of sex abuse as well. Two them my husband Keith n I have adopted.

12/31/2012 06:56:41 am

I wasn't a victim of child abuse but I was victim of the LDS church. They aren't as far removed from the FLDS as they pretend. I continue to heal from the misogyny that patriarchy embodies. Your story was very helpful to read and helped me think through my own childhood. Thank you. I certainly hope you continue to blog. Something I have always wanted to do is help women leave these damaging societies to claim what is rightfully theirs: The power of choice. If you know of decent services, please let me know. (I am an almost graduated law student.)

richard short
5/13/2013 12:25:41 pm

Just read your book heart breaking,i didnt think this still happened in a civilized society. Your husband sounds amazing, your rock so glad you found true love. God bless you (from the UK)

Lorna chansuwan
6/10/2013 10:39:01 pm

I have just read your book . What you went through and how you come out of it . How strong are you , your husband and children , im sure will be there for you as you are there for them . Stay strong and good luck for the future

12/10/2013 06:23:24 pm

LesIe, My mother's side was mainstream Mormon, my mother married a Catholic. She wanted out of a much less intense situation. I could not put your book down, read it in three days. My Mom's Dad said proudly that plural marriage was an honor and a privileged, speaking historically. He never stepped from the mainstream, however. I'm 54, I relate to your story, tho nowhere close to your experience. My Mom wanted to be away from the lack of choice in the same way you did, full of doubt and fear. She also was courageous in wanting different for her kids. Stay courageous forever, you are the future of sanity and love, in the face of adversity. Our world requires truth, and it does not come from fear and repression. It comes from strength inside. Your Mom contributes to that in you in a way she may never understand. You did the right thing. Stay strong!

Marianne Cary
4/11/2014 12:10:33 am

I just finished reading your fascinating book! At first I couldn't understand how women could allow themselves to be so used. After reading you book I can now understand how growing up in that community and that was all you knew, you would be "on board" with all of their teachings. Especially if your mother and father agreed with it. (My own mother could have been swayed to this life style...) THANK GOD you were independent and brave enough to travel the road you knew was right for you and your family. Thank you for trying to help others that are in your former situation be able to learn the truth and leave if desired. GOD BLESS you and your beautiful family!

Beet Rolls
4/24/2016 08:51:34 pm

I have been preparing a psychology class on abuse. One section is on spiritual abuse. Warren Jeffs is the perfect example for spiritual abuse. What I don't understand is people throwing the LDS church into the same pot. Studying spiritual abuse is nowhere present in the mainstream LDS church. There is no one man show, always presidencies and checks and balances. The mainstream LDS urges members to pray and get their own confirmation of the doctrine. Spiritual Abuse religions have a leader who is God basically and calls all the shots. Warren Jeffs definitely fits that. The LDS prophet does not. Spiritual abuse cults also destroy families so there is no place to feel safe and secure and to get help. The mainstream LDS does everything to keep families together. People who leave the LDS church do so for other reasons than those leaving the FLDS. They really can't be thrown in the same pot. Those leaving the FLDS church are joining a world they don't know, a language they haven't spoken, a culture they are foreign to. LDS people are in mainstream America. They know the culture. Please don't confuse the two. Warren Jeffs is definitely a spiritual abuser and it's good to see him behind bars. There has never been a narcissistic ruler like that in the LDS church and positively never will be. Checks and balances are in place. Thank you for coming forward with your story to help others feel validated and understood. Beautiful family you have. God bless.

5/16/2017 06:29:21 pm

Dear Lesie - your husband and Dad have it right. They, along with your children and sisters, are your love and support and you will be okay. You are a strong and beautiful woman whose courage is immense. Even if you can't fully forget the past - that's what it is - the past. Your family is your present and future. God has taken care of you and gave you the courage to leave that abusive life (one that you did not ask for or ever want.) He has given you this present and future - I pray only the best for you and your family. May God bless you all!


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