One of the hardest times in my life was having to have to leave my dad. I will never forget the day I was so sad to see us just go. Especially knowing that he could do nothing to make us stay. This was a command from the church and there was absolutely nothing we could do unless our prophet decided to change his mind, which was obviously impossible. I was so glad when after years of seperation i had finallyt found my dad.
12/12/2012 01:18:06 am

Don't worry about that anymore, what matters know is that we be together and spend time as family. I will never ever though permit to be seperated from you. A mistake can only be made once not twice so don't worry.

Susan Powell
7/11/2013 03:16:56 pm

I just read your book. It has touched me like no other book in a very long time. You are so brave and so strong! I wish you all the happiness and peace that a heart can hold.

11/5/2015 01:15:12 pm

Elissa, I love your book. I'm so proud of you and your brothers and sisters. It is just so upsetting to me that this type of thing goes on in our own country..Those FLDS people make me sooo angry!! THEY are the evil ones.

5/16/2017 06:09:19 pm

Your Dad's reply has really touched my heart. He is right - may God bless you both (and your lovely family).


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    Elissa Wall

    I would just like to thank you all for the support you have helped me alot, trying to forget about my past.


    December 2012