During my marriage with Allen I had Suffered a lot. It even got to the point of escaping my home just to not see him, because I was scared at the time. Anyway though I remember  though that one of my friends who had recently just left the FLDS was going to vegas with her boyfreind and asked me to go. I at first had said no since my husband wouldn't let me, but later didn't care and just decided to go without his permission since either way he abused of me. I will never forget my time there, it was so much fun I enjoyed myself more than ever and had even gotten some new clothes. I felt good to have not listened to my husband and just enjoy life for a while. What mad it more special though was how Lamont had come with us that got us even closer at the time when I was still with Allen. But it felt good to have a friend tag-along.  

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    Elissa Wall

    I would just like to thank you all for the support you have helped me alot, trying to forget about my past.


    December 2012